Has the Era of Peacocking Come to an End?

The style on the streets at New York Fashion Week is often an indicator of what people will be wearing as fashion weeks continue in London, Milan and Paris. Based on the crowds outside the latest round of shows, which ended Wednesday, one might wonder if individuality is going out of fashion. While there were plenty of stylish people, the risk-taking that makes it fun to document street style felt a bit sparse.

Original style, though it was harder to find, was not absent. Among the most exciting trends was a fresh shape for women’s suit jackets, a sort of inverted triangle with wide shoulders and a narrower body. (The silhouette looked even better when the jackets were double-breasted.) Miniskirts, which were ubiquitous a year ago, were replaced by longer versions, many of which fell below the knee — and some of which were tulle. And more than a few looks incorporated fringe, suggesting the dawn of a new era for urban cowboys.

Notice how the dog’s pink jacket matches her nails.
Chalk stripes appear far less fusty against bare skin.

In their suits, they evoked the Rat Pack — or a version of the Rat Pack that favored Alessandro Michele’s Gucci.

Her blazer’s fringe created a convincing illusion of a skirt.
Her skirt’s fringe accentuated her slicked locks of hair.
In her oversize separates, she looked part urban commuter, part private school rebel.
The actress Kathryn Newton in dusty blues that blended in with the cool dusk sky.
You didn’t need to be in the front row, or to even have a seat, to see the action at Proenza Schouler.
The colorful scrunchies added a playful touch to her Bantu knots.
Tulle outerwear is the type of risk I’m always hoping to find.
Dogs weren’t the only animal accessories at the shows. There were also frog bags.
Shows are easier to navigate with a friendly hand — and a pair of flat sandals.
His combination of chalk stripes and loose layers looked crisp and comfortable.
A refreshing dose of original style courtesy of the color pink and peek-a-boo knitwear.
The first surprise: the tonal pants beneath her tulle dress. The second: that the bottoms of both are tie-dyed to match.
The mint jacket? Perky. The accessories? Delightfully quirky.
It was hard not to stare at her fantastic stockings.
The model Jasmine Tookes, looking breezy in soft pleats.
More people should pair tank tops and tassel loafers.
Moses Sumney, a singer-songwriter, rocking Terminator shades.
These two had the presence of the Men in Black — but far cooler outfits.
His layering of anklet over boot was, in a word, sublime.
The perfect skirt may not exist, but her asymmetric, calf-length version came pretty close.
Their commitment to coordinating — same dress, same hairstyle, same purse color — was impressive.
Her mix of neutral colors in different textures looked effortless and elegant.
In tinted sunglasses and flared pants, the singer-songwriter Leon Bridges channeled ’70s-soul style.
The jacket collar as neck scarf felt fresh.

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